Bolivians Face Criminal Charges for Dollar Speculation

Bolivians could be criminally prosecuted for false speculation about the dollar

The speculation of a possible restriction on the sale of dollars in Bolivia has caused a stir among the population, triggering an unexpected demand for dollars. However, Reynaldo Yujra, executive director of the Financial System Supervisory Authority (ASFI), has assured that the financial system is completely solvent and stable.

The Bolivian authorities have reported that 86% of the deposits in the financial system and 99% of the loan portfolio are in the Bolivian peso. In addition, Yujra has warned that anyone who discloses false information can be subject to criminal proceedings with a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

In conclusion, the rumors of a restriction on the sale of dollars in Bolivia are unfounded and unnecessary, and the financial system is stable and reliable. The Bolivian authorities are monitoring the situation and any person who disseminates false information will be subject to legal action.

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