Bolivia Rejects Accusations of “Interference” from Peru against President Arce

Bolivia strongly rejects allegations of interference in Peru

The Bolivian government expressed its strong rejection to alleged insinuations of an “alleged interference” by President Luis Arce in the internal affairs of Peru. It added that Bolivia respects international law and the principle of non-interference, and that it maintains with Peru “a historic relationship between brother nations”.

The Peruvian government delivered a note to the Bolivian ambassador in Peru in which it “conveys an energetic protest”. In response, the Bolivian Foreign Ministry stated that it does “not accept insinuations of alleged interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Peru”.

This comes after the Peruvian protests which has left more than 60 dead since last December, when President Dina Boluarte assumed office. President Arce had referred to the “international right” which, in his opinion, has an “agenda for Latin America” during an act with an association of teachers from the Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) party.

Likewise, the former Bolivian president, late Evo Morales, was prohibited by the Peruvian government from entering the country and was denounced before the Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office for the alleged commission of crimes against national security and treason.

All in all, Bolivia strongly rejected any insinuation of interference in the internal affairs of Peru while it underlined the respect of international law and the principle of non-interference. It is yet to see what are the actions Peru will take in light of the situation.

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