Bogotá’s Peak and Plate Changes: New Environmental Measures


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The Pico y Placa, a traffic restriction measure in Bogotá, may be implemented on Saturdays due to high traffic and pollution caused by forest fires. The mayor, Carlos Fernando Galán, announced the measure to reduce pollution and protect citizens from the effects of the fires. The measure will be in effect in January and February 2024.

The forest fires in the eastern hills and other green areas of Bogotá have led to deteriorated air quality and increased pollution. To address this, the mayor has extended the Pico y Placa to Saturdays for private cars from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm. This measure will be in place as long as the alert is active.

In addition to the Pico y Placa extension, the mayor has suspended the new Solidarity Pico y Placa procedures and implemented hospital care plans to address damages caused by the fires. Some schools are also transitioning to virtual learning to protect students from air pollution.

The forest fires have affected several areas in Bogotá, including the eastern hills and the Doña Juana landfill. The mayor has issued a list of recommendations to protect citizens from the effects of the fires, including stopping activity and evacuating schools and universities near the affected areas, using face masks, and avoiding outdoor exposure during high traffic times.

The mayor has also urged citizens to protect domestic animals, avoid unauthorized roads near fire sites, and report any unusual smoke or fire to the authorities. Additionally, citizens are advised to avoid lighting fires or using items that could cause fires in risky areas.

It is important for citizens to follow the instructions of the authorities and be flexible with work and academic schedules to avoid air pollution and potential emergencies. If anyone encounters injured or affected wild animals, they should contact the authorities and refrain from treating or sheltering the animals without expert guidance.

The situation is constantly changing, so it is crucial for citizens to stay informed and follow any new instructions or measures issued by the authorities.

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