Body of Fallen British Man Found in Soledar: Wagner Group

Two British Volunteers Missing in Ukrainian City of Soledar

Two British volunteers, Andrew Bagshaw and Christopher Parry, have gone missing since January 6 in the Ukrainian city of Soledar in the eastern Donetsk region, where battles between the Ukrainian and Russian armies are ongoing.

Yevgueni Prigozhin, founder of the Wagner Group, revealed this information through the Telegram channel on Wednesday. He reported that his private military company had received a request to search for the two British nationals.

The same day, a body of one of them was discovered alongside documents of both Bagshaw and Parry, as per Prigozhin. He also shared alleged photos of their passports as well as a “volunteer certificate” of the latter.

The Telegram channel “Grey Zone”, close to the Wagner Group, claimed without citing any sources that the corpse is of Parry who was fighting by the name of “Titanic”. Meanwhile, the Donetsk National Police in the Bakhmut district stated on Monday that they were informed about the disappearance of two British citizens aged 28 and 48.

According to the statement, the two men had left Kramatorsk for Soledar at 8 am on January 6 and the contact with them had been lost since then.

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