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Body of Brazilian actor found in trunk

Body of Brazilian actor found in trunk

On May 9, Rita Lee Jones, the ‘Queen of Rock’ of Brazil, died at the age of 75, 17 days after what happened, once again, the artistic community of the South American country is in mourning, since it was reported that the actor Jefferson Machado, 44, was found dead.

According to the Brazilian media, the famous man was assassinated. According to the information available, the body of the local television star was found inside a trunk. According to ‘Terra’, the authorities were able to identify him through his fingerprints.

The informative report indicated that the wooden object was buried, to later be covered with cement inside the patio of a house in Rio de Janeiro, in the Campo Grande neighborhood. Machado disappeared five months ago and it was only now that they located him.

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According to authorities, his hands were tied behind his head. The Brazilian press highlighted that the actor’s lawyer, Jairo Magalhães, revealed that the body had signs of having been strangled.

Media reports indicated that the country’s authorities have already defined a line of investigation into the homicide. It transpired that the police are investigating a man, whose identity was not revealed, but who knew Jefferson. Said subject rented the house where the body was found.


The famous 44-year-old, before disappearing on January 27, had participated in the soap opera ‘Reis’. According to photos that he shared on his Instagram profile, Machado was a lover of dogs, exercise and surfing.

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Jeffeson Machado was born in Santa Catarina, Brazil. He started his artistic career in 1997, leaving his hometown to venture into television acting. Jefferson had a career of more than 20 years, in all this time he combined acting, driving and modeling.

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