Body of Boy Who Fell Into Hole in Vietnam Recovered After 21 Days

Police rescues 10 year old boy who died after 21 days of falling into a hole

On January 20, 2023, after an intense two-hour operation, two rescuers from the Dong Thap Province Police Department pulled the body of the 10 year old Thai Ly Hao Nam out from the hole where he had fallen 21 days ago. The hole was 35 meters deep and barely 25 centimeters in diameter, located in the south of the country.

Around 350 people were mobilized and measures were taken, such as oxygen being injected into the hole and water being sent down, to attempt to save the boy, however, due to multiple inuyr he suffered along with the lack of oxygen and heat, the victims was declared dead four days after the fall. This quickly shifted the goal of the rescue teams to getting the boys body out of the hole as soon as possible.

According to the vice president of Dong Thap Province, Doan Tan Buu, the rescue services returned the boy’s body in “intact” condition due to geological circumstances of the terrain that caused the decomposition process to occur more slowly.

The events leading up to the accident will be investigated to further clarify the causes and determine if there were any people responsible for the accident.

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