Blanca Paloma Live Performance of ‘EAEA’ with New Trance Break


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The first session of the Eurovision preselection took place at the Palau de L’Illa in Benidorm on Sunday night. The artist reception gala was not fully broadcast on RTVE, but we got to see the orange carpet led by Inés Hernand and Jordi Cruz in the Benidorm Calling space. The 16 candidates shared their feelings ahead of an essential week on their way to Eurovision. On Saturday, we will finally know the identity of Spain’s representative in Eurovision next May in the Grand Final, but first, we will experience the first rejections in the two Semifinals this Tuesday and this Thursday.

Blanca Paloma will not perform in any of these three ceremonies, despite proposing it to the organization. However, she did sing EAEA on the day that gave the starting signal. Everyone present was surprised when they heard that the electronic lullaby from Elche had undergone a small modification towards the end. As a gift to her fans, Blanca Paloma added trance sounds to the final section of the song, a closing that she elevated with new visuals created by the La Dalia Negra collective. She commented on her social networks, “A new version of the trance break in gratitude to all the Eurofans who supported me.”

The artistic direction has been carried out by José Pablo Polo, her right hand, and the costumes by Paola de Diego, who chose a design by Lorena Panea for Blanca Paloma. Thus, Blanca Paloma closes a vital stage in her career as an artist. After her time at Eurovision, she has already started working on the launch of her first album, of which she has already released the main single. It is called Jaleo and she conveys that there are still “many causes to continue fighting for.”

Blanca Paloma tried to perform at the Benidorm Fest 2024 but received no response. Despite this, she is looking forward to the future and is excited to continue her journey as an artist. She is grateful for the support of her fans and is eager to share her new music with the world. As she moves forward, she is focused on creating meaningful and impactful music that resonates with her audience. Her determination and passion for her craft are evident, and she is ready to take on new challenges and opportunities in the music industry.

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