Bill Gates Predicts What 2023 Will Look Like

After living an impressive and successful life, Bill Gates has decided to look at the future with a new perspective – being a grandfather for his daughter Jennifer’s son in 2023. Gates predicts that the coming five years are going to be hard and challenging, with the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine. This worrying outlook has a direct impact on the objectives of his Foundation, as it will be difficult to manage in both industrialized and poorest countries. Gates singles out the fight against polio, citing how the number of cases increased from 6 in 2021 to 30 in 2022, as an example to highlight the gravity of the situation.

Moving on to the environment, Gates believes that unless better buildings and insulation are developed, its going to be hard to get people to use less energy. Other incipient revolutions such as machine learning in ultrasound and developments of gene therapies will also be slowed down due to the current financial crisis.

Gates offer his recommendation on how we can individually navigate the turbulent times: the best investment is in training and education, both in terms of income and quality of life, but also for the community and social. The real contribution, according to Gates, will be the teams of experts who will develop strategies, alliances and innovations.

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