Biden’s “mission” to defeat Trump for the country’s good


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The American president, Joe Biden, emphasized the importance of winning the presidential elections on November 5th due to the risk posed by his Republican rival, Donald Trump. He stated that there is a lot at stake and that it is not just a campaign, but more of a mission. Biden urged his supporters to recognize the significance of the upcoming elections for the good of the country.

During a political event in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden expressed his concern about the potential consequences of a Trump victory. He warned that his rival is against everything and highlighted the need for a united effort to prevent this outcome.

As the primaries progress and the voting date approaches, Biden noted that people are beginning to focus on the election. He referenced a Quinnipiac poll that gives him a six-point advantage over Trump and two Pennsylvania polls that predict him as the winner in the presidential elections in that state.

Biden also mentioned his victory in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, despite the significant time and financial resources invested by his rival, Dean Phillips. He emphasized that even though they couldn’t campaign there, they still managed to secure 64 percent of the vote.

The president’s remarks underscore the urgency of the upcoming elections and the need for a strong and unified effort to secure a victory. He urged his supporters to recognize the gravity of the situation and to mobilize in support of his candidacy. Biden’s message reflects the high stakes and the critical importance of the upcoming elections for the future of the country.

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