Biden to Tour California After Devastating Storms

President Biden to visit areas of California devastated by winter storms

US President Joe Biden will travel Thursday to California’s areas affected by recent winter storms that have caused devastation and death in the area. At least 19 people were killed with heavy rains again on Saturday and causing rivers to overflow their banks.

The White House made the announcement on Monday in a statement, saying that the President is to inspect rebuilding efforts and assess what additional help is needed.
The National Weather Service reports that more than 18 inches of rain has fallen in San Francisco since December 26.

A new storm system is expected to reach the Pacific Northwest on Tuesday and moving inland Wednesday, potentially bringing another surge of moisture from the Pacific and a round of heavy rain.

Even with new storms looming, the NWS does forecast a drier weather over the weekend for California and the southwestern US.

President Biden’s visit will show the federal government’s commitment to providing support to the people affected by the destruction of these storms.

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