Biden States He Has No Regrets About Classified Documents Handling

Special Prosecutor Appointed to Investigate Joe Biden for Classified Documents

The United States Justice Department has recently appointed a special prosecutor to investigate allegations of President Joe Biden unlawfully keeping a series of confidential documents at his homes and offices. The president has expressed that he hopes everything will be resolved “as soon as possible.”

White House lawyers have found a third batch of documents in Delaware, while former President Donald Trump was being investigated by the Justice Department for keeping classified documents at his residence in Florida.

According to the law, all presidential records must be handed over to the National Archives. The Republican opposition in Congress has asked the prosecutor to deliver a series of documents related to the investigation before January 27, noting that it was on November 4, just before the elections, when the Office of the Inspector General of the National Archives contacted the Department of Justice.

The case comes weeks before Biden’s 100th day in office, adding to the current political drama. While Biden believes that no wrongdoings were committed and has stated to “follow what the lawyers want [him] to do,” the White House and the Justice Department will be closely watching the developments of this investigation.

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