Beware of Rising Scams in Arizona: Protect Yourself Now


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Authorities in Arizona are warning the public about the high rate of scams in the state. The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office has reported 24 victims of scams where individuals posing as sheriffs call and claim that the victim has an outstanding arrest warrant. The scammers then demand payment to avoid arrest, with most victims being older adults. Sheriff’s supervisor Jesús Davidson advises people to call the sheriff’s department to verify the legitimacy of such calls, as they are almost always fraudulent. One victim nearly lost $10,000, but the transfer was canceled in time by the bank.

The Prescott Police Department has also alerted the community about two types of scams in their city: kidnapping scams and scams involving prepaid cards or bitcoins. Businesses have received calls from fake “regional managers” instructing employees to exchange money for prepaid cards or bitcoin. According to Forbes Advisor, Arizona is the fourth state in the nation with the highest growth rate in fraud, with losses of over $33.5 billion in 2023.

To protect yourself from scams, authorities recommend hanging up, blocking the number, and reporting the call. Contact the authorities immediately, and if you have already paid, inform your bank of the fraudulent transaction. Change your bank and cell phone account passwords, and check on your family and friends to ensure their safety.

In other news, the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) recently seized hundreds of pounds of drugs in the southern part of the state. In just one hour, agents seized approximately 459 pounds of methamphetamine, 148 pounds of fentanyl pills, and 2.55 pounds of cocaine during three separate traffic stops. Six suspects were arrested on felony drug charges, and further investigation revealed that the drugs were being transported from southern Arizona to Phoenix. The estimated street value of the seized drugs is approximately $1,285,000.

In conclusion, it is important for residents of Arizona to be aware of the various scams that are prevalent in the state and to take necessary precautions to protect themselves. By staying informed and following the recommendations of law enforcement, individuals can reduce their risk of falling victim to scams. Additionally, the efforts of law enforcement agencies such as the Arizona Department of Public Safety are crucial in combating drug trafficking and keeping communities safe.

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