Beth Gibbons of Portishead teases new album “Floating On A Moment”


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Beth Gibbons, the lead singer of the band Portishead, has just released her new solo album titled Lives Outgrown. The album features 10 songs and was produced by James Ford and Gibbons. It is set to be released on May 17 through Domino Records.

In a recent Instagram post, Gibbons shared details about the album, stating that it reflects her internal experiences and the changes she has gone through in her 50 years of life. She described it as a time of saying goodbye to family, friends, and even her former self. The lyrics of the album reflect her anxieties and sleepless night ruminations, which is why she chose to title the album Lives Outgrown.

The album is based on Gibbons’ reflections on mortality, as she has experienced the loss of people close to her. She explained that when you’re young, you never truly understand endings and how things will turn out. Some endings are difficult to accept, and she wanted to capture those emotions in her music.

The first preview single from the album, “Floating On A Moment”, has been released and is available for listening. The full tracklist for Lives Outgrown includes the following songs:

01. Tell Me Who You Are Today
02. Floating On A Moment
03. Burden Of Life
04. Lost Changes
05. Rewind
06. Reaching Out
07. Oceans
08. For Sale
09. Beyond The Sun
10. Whispering Love

Fans of Beth Gibbons and Portishead can look forward to the release of Lives Outgrown on May 17, and the opportunity to experience the singer’s deeply personal reflections through her music.

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