Besteiro urges Silleda for “maximum mobilization” for change: “14 days left”


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The socialist candidate for the Presidency of the Xunta, José Ramón Gómez Besteiro, is urging the people of Silleda (Pontevedra) to mobilize for change on February 18. He emphasized the importance of the upcoming election and the need for maximum participation.

Besteiro attended a lunch meeting in the Deza region, marking the beginning of the electoral campaign. He encouraged a positive and joyful campaign, stating that socialists enjoy democracy and are committed to providing solutions for Galicia.

During his speech in Silleda, Besteiro emphasized his commitment to inland Galicia and his determination to rescue the Deza region from 15 years of stagnation under PP governments. He highlighted the reductions in tolls on the AP-9 and AP-53 by the Government of Pedro Sánchez, which will benefit the region.

Besteiro urged the audience to consider who will free the region from tolls and defend services such as education and health when casting their vote on February 18. He emphasized that the only option to govern is “the left that manages and governs.”

The PSdeG candidate participated in his first rally meal of the campaign, where he interacted with attendees and played soccer with children. The event featured a stew and a tent at the Feira do Cocido, where local products were available for purchase.

Elena Espinosa, the head of the PSdeG list for the province, expressed confidence in Besteiro’s ability to become the president on February 18. She emphasized the importance of sharing the truth with people about the PSOE’s management to raise pensions, in contrast to the PP’s lack of concern for them.

The event was initiated by former mayor Manuel Cuiña, who highlighted the enthusiasm in the campaign and the progress made by the PSOE in Silleda over the years. He emphasized the importance of mobilizing support for the upcoming election.

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