Besteiro seeks backing to enhance lives, asserts left’s governance expertise


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The socialist candidate for the Presidency of the Xunta, José Ramón Gómez Besteiro, is asking for support to improve people’s lives and has emphasized the Socialist Party and its candidacy as the “left that knows how to govern.” He made this appeal during a rally in Boiro, which was the first one he offered in the electoral campaign. He encouraged those in attendance to seek support for his candidacy, especially those who still have doubts about the upcoming election on February 18. Besteiro emphasized that the left should govern and seek solutions to problems.

He warned that a lot is at stake in Galicia on the next 18F, and that they need to fight for the Galicia they want, to defend public services, rescue employment, and promote prosperity. He also stressed that there are 15 days left to request the vote, and that every day is a good day to ask for a vote.

Besteiro also called on citizens to fill the ballot boxes with socialist votes to “refloat” Galician public health, especially primary care and hospital care. He criticized the management made by the Popular Party in its 14 years at the head of the Xunta and defended the PSOE as the only party that advances rights.

At the rally, Besteiro was accompanied by the general secretary of the PSdeG, Valentín González Formoso, and the ‘number one’ of the socialist candidate for A Coruña, Patricia Iglesias. He also criticized the lack of investment by the PP in the town of Boiro, stating that it does not count for the investments of the Xunta.

He also criticized the PP Government for not making a single investment in the local treatment plant, despite raising more than 2 million euros in recent years. The mayor of the town himself has denounced that one of the historical demands of the neighbors is the creation of a residence for the elderly, which has not been addressed by the Minister of Social Policy.

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