Best Shirt in BetPlay 2024 League: Top Players in Debt


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Several Colombian soccer teams have recently debuted new uniforms for the 2024 campaign, with Adidas, Nike, and Fila being credited for the designs. The Colombian Professional Soccer competitions officially began with the start of the BetPlay I-2024 League, and with the new year came a fresh look for many of the teams. More than 10 teams have presented their new uniforms for the 2024 campaign, and as usual, there were some that were more popular than others.

The changes in design, colors, and even the manufacturer have made the new jerseys a topic of discussion among fans, with social networks buzzing about which jersey is the most ‘pretty’. Fans evaluated the new jerseys based on versatility in design, tradition, materials, colors, and ultimately their cost. After evaluating the creative panorama, the Independiente Santa Fe jacket was positioned as the best clothing this year.

The Cardenal team began a new stage in its playing attire by signing a contract with Fila to be its new official sponsor and in charge of the distribution and marketing of its clothing. This marked the end of the relationship with its previous sponsor, Kappa, and its new ‘skin’ stood out for the introduction of an innovative design in the kit, where the lion, the club’s emblematic symbol, occupies a leading place.

Deportes Tolima, in commemoration of its 70th anniversary, revealed its new main kit for the current season. Under the name “70 years”, this shirt innovates by incorporating five vertical stripes that evoke the traditional uniform of Racing de Avellaneda, one of the founding inspirations of the club, but adopting the traditional shades of burgundy for this special design.

The new Junior de Barranquilla shirt will be available in the official stores and the website of Adidas. In a turn towards nostalgia and detail, Adidas renewed the design of the Junior sports kits for 2024, favoring retro aesthetics. In this new collection, the choice for finer lines and a deeper shade of red for the t-shirts stands out. In addition, it is observed that the design of the sleeves will retain the red color, crossing evenly from one side of the neck to the another, which now adopts a completely circular shape.

The changes are not just limited to the color palette and patterns, as Adidas updated its logo, opting for a more minimalist presentation. In this new version, the letters were eliminated, maintaining only the iconic three stripes that have characterized the brand. With all these new designs, the 2024 campaign is off to an exciting start for Colombian soccer fans.

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