Bertín Osborne’s Stage Comeback: Covid Experience and TV Retirement


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Bertín Osborne recently made a public appearance in Alicante to perform in a concert. The audience saw a more sincere, fun, and dedicated Bertín than they had seen in recent months. He started the concert by revisiting some of the songs that have been a part of his life and sharing anecdotes from his years on stage.

After a tough battle with Covid-19, Bertín confessed to the audience that he had a really hard time. He had to return to the hospital to make sure there was nothing else wrong with him. He admitted that he had never been so sick in his life and was afraid to go on stage after being bedridden for several days.

Bertín also revealed that he is considering leaving television to focus on his music career, which is what truly brings him joy. He expressed his desire to continue making music and singing, but he is tired of the media exposure and wants to step back from it.

During the concert, Bertín shared a personal story about a song he performed, revealing that it was written for a girl he dated when he was 20 years old, who had recently passed away. He expressed his sadness over her death and how it affected him, despite the passage of time.

After hours of performing, Bertín expressed his gratitude for the love and support he received in Alicante. He mentioned that returning to the stage after a difficult time was very special for him.

Overall, Bertín’s concert in Alicante was a heartfelt and emotional experience for both him and the audience. It was a reminder of the power of music and the impact it can have on people’s lives. Despite the challenges he has faced, Bertín’s passion for music continues to shine through, and his dedication to his fans is unwavering.

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