Benedetti now in Italy after serving as FAO ambassador


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Armando Benedetti has been appointed as the ambassador to the FAO by the Government of President Gustavo Petro. The former senator, known for his controversial past and alleged involvement in the current president’s campaign, has taken on the role of representing Colombia at the United Nations agency for Food and Agriculture (FAO) in Europe.

The appointment of Armando Benedetti as the new ambassador to the FAO marks the revival of a diplomatic position that had been dormant in the Colombian Foreign Ministry for two decades. His discreet inauguration took place on February 7, and it is expected that he will present his credentials and begin his duties at the Colombian embassy in Italy.

The decree ratifying Benedetti’s appointment was signed by Álvaro Leyva, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who has been suspended by the Attorney General’s Office for the past two weeks. This has raised concerns about the validity of the decisions made by Leyva, including the appointment of Benedetti as ambassador to the FAO.

The controversy surrounding Benedetti’s appointment has not gone unnoticed by the opposition to the National Government. Critics, including representatives and senators, have raised questions about Benedetti’s qualifications for the ambassadorial role and have expressed concerns about the potential risks to Colombia’s international reputation.

The opposition’s concerns are fueled by Benedetti’s past, including allegations of involvement in President Petro’s campaign and recordings in which he allegedly rebuked a former chief of staff for an alleged financial gain. There are also concerns that Benedetti may reveal sensitive information about the 2022 campaign, leading to calls for his appointment to be reconsidered.

Despite the controversy, Armando Benedetti has assumed his role as the ambassador to the FAO, representing Colombia at the United Nations agency for Food and Agriculture in Europe. The implications of his appointment and the ongoing concerns about his qualifications and past conduct continue to be a topic of debate and scrutiny.

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