Bella Ramsey Discusses Possibility of Season 2 of ‘The Last of Us’ on HBO

Will There Be Another Season of HBO’s The Last of Us? Actress Bella Ramsey Gives Encouraging Response!

The Last of Us, the current HBO series, has gained millions of fans worldwide who are eager to know if there will be another season. Weeks ago in an interview of British actress Bella Ramsey, who plays one of the main protagonists, Ellie, the BBC asked her if there might be a second season.

In an encouraging response, Ramsey informed that the matter was dependent upon the success of season 1. She said, “If people keep watching it, I think it’s quite likely, although nothing is confirmed yet and we will have to wait.”

The series is breaking audience records and has also caused game sales to skyrocket, thereby making it likely that Ramsey’s first part of her answer has been fulfilled.

The first season has run until mid-March with 9 episodes in total. The first was the longest with 81 minutes.

What lies ahead in the succeeding chapters is a mystery. But with such a record-breaking finale, it is only a matter of time to find out.

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