Belgian Doctors to Introduce Blue Crocodile on Useless Certificates

Belgian Doctors Launch Symbolic Campaign Against Useless Certificates
Belgian doctors have launched a new symbolic campaign against what they consider to be an unnecessarily complicated bureaucracy by adding a blue crocodile seal to useless or redundant certificates.

The seal has been chosen to become a “symbol of a fight against the absurd, useless or simply questionable certificates demanded by patients”, according to the Belgian newspaper, Le Soir.

This initiative follows a study by the King Baudouin Foundation a decade ago that concluded that 81% of Belgian doctors thought the workload associated with certificates was excessive.

The campaign spearheaded by the GBO/Cartel medical union, the College of General Medicine, the Federations of General Practitioners Associations and the Scientific Society of Medicine. General, focuses on documents that have “no medical justification” or “neglect common sense so much that they become absurd”, explains Marthe Knops, of the Scientific Society of General Medicine. This includes certificates like the one certifying the use of school elevators for those with a cast on their leg or one that allows a child to return to daycare after a benign illness.

With the launch of this campaign, doctors hope to stimulate a debate with patients and other third parties who may request such documents.

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