Bay Area Hit by New Atmospheric River: Blackouts Reported


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A new atmospheric river has brought heavy rain to the Bay Area in California. The storm has caused power outages in various parts of the region. According to Pacific Gas and Electric, over 44,000 customers have been affected by power outages in San Francisco, the Peninsula, North Bay, East Bay, and South Bay divisions.

The heavy rains have led to tree falls, landslides, and flooding in several areas of the Bay. Guerneville in Sonoma County has experienced significant flooding, prompting local authorities to issue evacuation orders for residents in flood-prone areas. While the water levels have decreased, some areas are still affected.

Response efforts have focused on providing resources and support to affected residents. The emergency department has collaborated with the Red Cross to distribute cleaning packages and provide assistance to displaced families. Sonoma County is working on improving its resources and emergency response programs.

District Five Representative, Lupe Catalán, has emphasized the importance of education and community collaboration in crisis situations. Efforts are being made to strengthen communication with residents, especially those who only speak Spanish, to ensure access to available resources. Temporary housing for displaced families is being evaluated, and financial support is requested for those facing difficulties in their work and caring for their children during these events.

The rains are expected to continue in the coming days, so it is important for residents to take precautions and follow the instructions of the authorities. Despite the challenges, the Guerneville community has shown resilience in the face of recurring situations, adapting to a lifestyle where flooding is a constant challenge. It is crucial for the affected individuals to stay in contact with local authorities and use the contact resources provided by Supervisor Linda Hopkins’ office.

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