Barracas Central beats Atlético Tucumán 2-0 on Sunday evening


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Lanús secured a 3-0 victory over Platense at home in the fourth round of the Professional Football League Cup in Zone B at the Néstor Díaz Pérez Stadium. The goals were scored by Felipe Peña Biafore from a free kick 5 minutes into the first half, and Leandro Diaz at 18 and 40 minutes into the second half. Defensa beat Sarmiento and Atlético Tucumán tied with Argentinos at the close of the third round of the League Cup.

The match started slowly, with neither team dominating. Lanús opened the scoring after a goal from a free kick by Felipe Peña Biafore. The former River Plate and Arsenal player had been fouled, asked to kick the foul, and then scored the goal. At 18 minutes, a penalty was signaled in favor of Platense, but the first half was slow due to injuries suffered by Platense players.

In the second half, Platense looked for an equalizer but was unable to score. Lanús twisted the game in their favor when Leandro Diaz scored a goal from mid-distance to make it 2-0. At the end of the match, Diaz scored again to seal the match 3-0. Although Platense had more ball positions and generated clear scoring chances, they were unable to score due to their own inefficiency or the great performance of Lanús’ goalkeeper.

In another match, Barracas Central secured a 2-0 victory over Atlético Tucumán, with goals from Maximiliano Zalazar and Alexis Domínguez from a penalty in the first half. Barracas Central achieved their second victory in a row at the Tomás Adolfo Ducó stadium. Atlético Tucumán is at the bottom of the group and is struggling to add points. Nicolás Romero received a double yellow and will miss the next game against River.

These results have implications for the table of positions in the League Cup.

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