Barcelona to Continue in F1 for Another Five Years


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Madrid has arrived, but Barcelona refuses to leave Formula 1. The Spanish Grand Prix is still on the calendar for this year (June 23) and in 2025. In 2026, it will have a contract, but it will no longer be the Spanish GP. Instead, it will likely be from Catalonia, Barcelona, or Europe. Montmeló wants to continue at the same time that Madrid starts, similar to what happened with Valencia in 2008. Both races were very close in distance and on the calendar, but they managed to coexist for five years, between 2008 and 2012.

The contract between Ecclestone and Camps/Barberá in 2007 and a few weeks later the handshake was with Carod-Rovira, then vice-president of the Generalitat, in Montmeló to announce that the Catalan route was extending its presence for another five years, then until 2016 since it ended in 2011. At the FITUR Fair in Madrid, there is a stand for the circuit and the race for both Formula 1 and MotoGP. They have recently published the start of the remodeling works on the control tower, the briefing room, the press and timing room, and hospitality areas, as well as the creation of new spaces for business or social events. These works have already begun months ago with an outlay of several million euros.

The Grand Prix is a significant issue in Barcelona and Catalonia, as it is the best international showcase with the World Mobile Congress and the Copa América de Vela. They are in full negotiations with all the actors, political and sporting, to obtain aid and renew the contract. It seems that they are about to make an announcement shortly for five seasons. Domenicali and the FOM are excited because Barcelona would be added with no less than 30-35 for at least five more seasons than the current ones, that is, until 2032 while Madrid is until 2036.

Domenicali assured the Spanish press last Tuesday in Madrid that both cities could share a calendar. “Barcelona is incredible, Oriol Sagrera (new CEO of the circuit) is doing an extraordinary job and Barcelona is Formula 1, work is being done to look further and Spain deserves an opportunity to increase its presence in the future. We are working and “We’ll see. Why can’t they both coexist?” he assured. Only Italy has two races and the United States three, although the latter is the headquarters of Liberty and a continent by itself in total expansion with the Great Circus.

Pere Aragonés, president of the Generalitat, insisted a few days ago that Catalonia has the firm intention to continue and Roger Torrent, president of the Circuit, recognized just last Tuesday that they have accelerated the negotiations. “For us the name is not important. In fact, we knew of the possibility that Madrid would be named after the Spanish Grand Prix,” he says. “We must remember that in the State there have been two Grand Prix that have coexisted with two names. different, therefore it is not an issue that worries us excessively. We work on solid bases, we want to do the renovation and the rest will come, we are going to turn Montmeló with these works into the best circuit in Europe.”

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