Barcelona: Laporta Considering Rijkaard as Xavi’s Replacement


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Barcelona is in a race against time to find a new coach, as Xavi has announced that he will no longer be coaching the team as of the summer. This has opened up the role to a wide range of candidates from different leagues and countries.

One of the names that has been brought up is Frank Rijkaard, the former coach who led Barcelona to win the second European Cup. According to reports, Barcelona president Joan Laporta has reached out to Rijkaard in hopes of bringing him back to the team. However, Rijkaard is not initially interested in returning to coaching as he has been focusing on his hotel business since leaving the dugout in 2014.

Despite Rijkaard’s initial reluctance, it has been reported that he has not completely closed the door on the possibility of returning to Barcelona. Laporta is still hopeful that Rijkaard will reconsider and has even raised the possibility of Marco van Basten becoming his assistant coach.

It remains to be seen whether Rijkaard will ultimately decide to return to coaching and if he will accept Laporta’s offer to come back to Barcelona. The search for a new coach continues as Barcelona prepares for the upcoming season.

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