“Barcelona è un asilo nido” – Confronto tra la criminalità in Colombia e in Europa


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The internet and social media have made it possible for people to explore different places around the world without leaving their homes. Many content creators have gained popularity by making videos about their visits to various tourist destinations. One such creator is Zazza the Italian, a 31-year-old YouTuber who specializes in visiting dangerous places in different countries. He has gained over 1.2 million subscribers by seeking out the most crime-ridden areas in each country.

Zazza recently visited several cities in Colombia, where he lived with criminal gangs and violent groups for a month. In a podcast, he shared some valuable lessons he learned from his experiences. He emphasized the importance of not being careless or vulnerable in dangerous places, using the Colombian expression “not to give papaya” to illustrate his point. This means not giving anyone the opportunity to take advantage of you due to carelessness, credulity, or vulnerability.

The YouTuber also recalled how people in Europe had encouraged him to visit Latin America to see dangerous places. After visiting countries like Colombia, Argentina, and Chile, he confirmed that these places were indeed more dangerous than Barcelona, where he is based. He shared details of his visit to Colombia, where he witnessed extreme levels of control by criminal gangs in certain areas, to the point where the police would not enter.

One of the most notable videos from Zazza’s time in Colombia was when he visited commune 15 of Santiago de Cali, known as the most dangerous place in the capital of Valle del Cauca. He interviewed people who expressed pride in their stay in this commune, sharing anecdotes of making the police flee from them. Zazza also witnessed young people training for possible confrontations with knives, highlighting the harsh reality of life in these dangerous areas.

Zazza’s experiences in Colombia shed light on the harsh realities of life in dangerous places, where people are forced to adapt to extreme levels of violence and control. His videos provide a unique perspective on these areas, offering valuable insights into the challenges faced by those living in such environments.

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