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Banksy’s Death-Themed Artwork Goes Up for Auction

Banksy’s Iconic Piece, “Brace Yourself” to be Auctioned for $800,000

The notorious street artist, Banksy, is back in the news as another one of his works is set to be sold at an auction. The piece, titled “Brace Yourself,” was created in 2010 for a rock band in exchange for a name change in order to avoid legal issues with Banksy’s planned film release, also titled “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” The painting showcases the Grim Reaper riding an amusement park bumper car with the words “Get ready!” written on the hood. This masterpiece will be auctioned on March 29, 2021, in Beverly Hills, California, at Juliens Auctions.

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The piece was exhibited for a few days in London and has now resurfaced, and the auctioneers anticipate it will go for as much as $800,000. The painting even has the rock band’s new name incorporated into the artwork, which they can use to promote themselves freely. The current piece available for sale is the final product of Banksy’s vision, with death depicted riding a bumper car (or ‘dodgem’ as known in the UK).

Banksy’s works are usually known for their provocative messages, and “Brace Yourself” is no different. The painting could be interpreted as a warning to “get ready” for the inevitable end. Banksy’s artworks sell for a premium, and the anonymous artist has consistently proven his worth over the years. It is no surprise that his fan base and the value of his art continues to grow.

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In conclusion, Banksy’s iconic work, “Brace Yourself,” is set to be auctioned and expected to fetch a significant amount of money. The painting is an excellent example of Banksy’s artistry and may provoke a mixture of emotions among potential buyers. The mysterious artist’s celebrity status is only set to increase, and it will be interesting to see how much this piece ultimately sells for at Juliens Auctions.

Bessie Schrimsher
Bessie Schrimsher
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