Bad Bunny’s potential role in Spider-Man movie could be revived with major twist


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In 2022, Marvel announced plans to make a movie about El Muerto, a character from the Spider-Man universe. The movie was set to be a spin-off of Spider-Man and would tell the story of the fighter known as El Muerto in the MCU. The most controversial part of the announcement was that Marvel had chosen Bad Bunny to play the lead role.

El Muerto, whose real name is Juan Carlos S├ínchez, is a professional wrestler who was on the verge of revealing Spider-Man’s identity to the world. After a dispute in the ring, El Muerto and Spider-Man team up to defeat “Dorado”, El Muerto’s archenemy. This story was first introduced in the 2006 comic Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6, and the film version was scheduled for release in 2023.

However, due to a series of logistical and scheduling issues, Marvel announced the cancellation of the project. It was impossible to coordinate schedules with the Puerto Rican singer. But a recent report from Variety has reignited interest in the project. It seems that El Muerto has re-entered the production phase, this time without Bad Bunny.

At the moment, Marvel has not confirmed this information, and it is unclear who would replace Bad Bunny in the leading role. Marvel is currently facing a major crisis, with disappointing box office numbers for recent releases. The Marvels failed to meet expectations, and it seems that the MCU will try to focus on new characters and stories.

El Muerto is a character that audiences are not used to seeing, but perhaps putting the spotlight on him will result in success at the box office. It is clear that Marvel is looking to capitalize on the popularity of Spider-Man. The most recent example of this is Madame Web, which is set to be released in theaters on February 14.

It remains to be seen if Marvel can make a successful comeback with this spin-off. If it fails, it could spell the end for El Muerto’s chances of making it to the big screen. Only time will tell if Marvel can turn things around and bring El Muerto to life in a way that resonates with audiences.

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