Ayuso Warns of Evil Threatening Hispanic Work in America

Ayuso Warns of Evil Threatening Hispanic Work in America

Madrid President, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Highlights Latin American Work as Being Threatened in a European PP Forum in Lisbon

Madrid’s President Isabel Díaz Ayuso spoke at a forum of the European PP in Lisbon on January 27, 2023, and highlighted a “Hispanic work” as being “threatened” due to the “evil” being organized in electoral processes.

“The American continent, which is one of our great works, of course a Hispanic work, which we left abandoned over the centuries, is today really threatened because evil is being organized in each electoral process,” Ayuso said.

The Madrid President emphasized that those who believe in freedom, life and prosperity had to take care of each other and use these forums to identify the democratic deficit.

Ayuso also noted that Madrid is a model for individual freedom for those who have been forced to flee their country as a result of nationalist, populist regimes.

“We have to take care of each other and take advantage of these forums to see where this democratic deficit is taking place,” Ayuso said.

She concluded her speech by urging liberal democracies to help each other and added that what happens when freedom is lacking should be everybody’s task, otherwise the world will become increasingly small and less free.

Ayuso’s visit to Lisbon on Thursday included signing a collaboration agreement with its mayor, the conservative Carlos Moedas, and participating in the forum organized by the Popular Party of the European Parliament. Her visit concluded on the same day.

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