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Ayuso, Almeida and Feijóo close the campaign: Not even Txapote no longer votes for Sánchez

The president of the Community of Madrid and candidate for re-election, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, closed the 28M electoral campaign this Friday accompanied by the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez Almeida, and the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, where has proclaimed that “Sánchez no longer votes for him or Txapote».

«One more week and there is no criminal offense in the Penal Code that someone from the left should not star in it”, the president stated in reference to the PSOE scandals that have become known in recent days. “Belonging to a terrorist gang, a youth gang, for kidnapping, for hitting, for harassing colleagues in Galapagar, in Salou, in Tenerife or the most serious, for buying tickets,” Díaz Ayuso has listed, who has especially censured the purchase of Votes to immigrants and drug addicts. “It’s all, one more week and they don’t leave one,” she stressed.

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However, the leader of the popular Madrid has pointed out that “Spain is still alive, that its institutions are still resisting and that the PSOE has not yet found out.” «Sánchez is going to leave as he arrived, with an attempted punch», he stated, before opining that «he is not going to achieve it because despite his assaults, the institutions are still standing and Spain works».

«Sánchez has been willing to sacrifice everything to stay in power: the money of the unemployed, the vote of immigrants, the prestige of Spain in international institutions, our dignity with Morocco, our fame before the world so that they do not insult us. and call us macho, racist or homophobic, the rule of law against ETA members, rapists and coup leaders, the unity of Spain, the rights of Spaniards harassed by nationalists, the dignity of the victims, judicial independence and compliance with the sentences, the neutrality of Parliament and the Civil Guard, an unaffordable and undemocratic debt for the new generations, press freedom, academic freedom, persecution and ridicule of the relatives of those who oppose them, journalists who They intend to persecute and control even their checking accounts, insulting companies, businessmen, “he said.

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Ayuso explained that the “weapons” used by the President of the Government for all this are the “decree, the pucherazo, the Bolivarian homily without questions from journalists, the press conferences in the parking lot of the White House, the persecution of the President of the United States through the corridors, botched laws, the Penal Code à la carte, pardons, social engineering, placing his friends, colonizing the institutions, marginalizing career civil servants, persecuting his enemies the Falcon and always with his trademark: the lie». For this reason, he added, “not even Txapote” no longer votes for Sánchez.

For his part, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has highlighted that both Ayuso and Almeida have carried out the “campaigns they have considered appropriate” and that, in his case, he has lived them as “one more affiliate”. “The party is united and is prepared on Sunday to win the elections after 7 years,” Feijóo proclaimed, after Almeida called for mass mobilization. “It can only fail that we do not mobilize, each vote counts, that no one assumes that there will be a majority,” the candidate for re-election in the Madrid City Council has thrown. “The defeat of Sanchismo in Madrid will resonate throughout Spain,” he declared.

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