Autopsy Suggests Woman Who Died in Brussels Police Station Did Not Meet Foul Play

Autopsy Report Suggests Woman’s Death in Police Station Unrelated to Third-Party Intervention

A provisional autopsy report from the Belgian capital’s Prosecutor’s Office suggested on Monday that the death of a woman of Tunisian origin who died last Thursday in a police station was not caused by third-party intervention.

“Based on the initial findings and the provisional autopsy report, it would appear that there was no third-party intervention,” the Brussels prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

The family of the woman, identified as Sourour A., had rejected the theory put forth by the police that she had committed suicide by self-strangulation, which was ruled out by the first autopsy conducted.

In addition to the autopsy, the Prosecutor’s Office has also launched a toxicological analysis and has consulted the images from the security camera of the federal police headquarters in Brussels.

The Prosecutor’s Office also called on the police services permanent control committee to investigate the incident, stating that “it pays special attention to this file in order to clarify the exact circumstances of the facts.”

Sourour A.’s death marks the third death in two years to occur in a police station in the Brussels capital-Ixelles neighborhood, leading to an increased urgency to uncover the exact circumstances of her death.

The final results of the toxicological analysis are expected to be available in the coming weeks.

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