Austrian Judo Triumphs with Passionate Emotion on Day 2 of Grand Prix in Upper Austria


María Pérez made history for her country by winning the first gold in the World Judo Tour for Puerto Rico in the less than 70-kilogram category. The event was held in the TipsArena in Linz, Upper Austria, and the fans present understood that they were witnessing a historic day for judo. Austrian Judo legend, Sabrina Filzmoser, closed her career with an ovation from an enthusiastic crowd. In less than 63, Momo Tatsukawa won the Grand Final by defeating his compatriot Seiko Watanabe. In less than 73, the Israeli Tohar Butbul clinched his first gold in four years by beating his opponent in an exhausting final.

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But the day was truly historic for Puerto Rico when María Pérez faced off against British athlete Kelly Petersen Pollard in the final of the less than 70-kilogram category. Pérez dominated the match, and the result was already written in history books as soon as she won her first-ever gold in the World Judo Tour for her country. Pérez was overwhelmed by her win and expressed her gratitude to the audience for their support.

In the less than 81-kilogram category, Austrian athlete Shamil Borchashvili successfully defended local pride by defeating his opponent in the final. Borchashvili acknowledged that winning at home in front of his family and friends was a great achievement, and he had fulfilled his dreams. The Austrian team’s performance was exceptional, winning by Ippons and leaving the audience with unforgettable memories of a captivating event.

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In conclusion, the TipsArena in Linz witnessed a day that will go down in the history of world judo. The athletes delivered outstanding performances, and the fans made the event unforgettable. María Pérez’s triumph was the highlight of the day, as she made history for her country. The Judo Grand Prix will continue in Linz, Upper Austria, showcasing some of the world’s best athletes.


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