Australia Says Farewell to Cardinal Pell Amid LGTBI Protests

Australia Says Farewell to Cardinal Pell Amid LGTBI Protests

Hundreds Gather in Protest at Cardinal George Pell’s Sydney Funeral
Hundreds of people gathered around St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney, Australia to protest the controversial Cardinal George Pell’s funeral on February 2, 2023. Pell, who was previously convicted and later acquitted on child abuse charges, was mourned by parishioners inside the cathedral.

Chants of “Pell, go to hell” echoed from those gathered in Hyde Park called by the group Community Action for Rainbow Rights. Survivors and relatives of victims of pedophilia joined the protest with signs reading “Forget Pell, remember the children”.

The verbal confrontation between parishioners and protesters was amplified by the rainbow flags and prevented the parishioners from hearing the mass for Pell on the outdoor screens.

Inside the cathedral, notable attendance included former Conservative Prime Minister John Howard and Opposition Leader Peter Dutton, but current Australian president, the Labor party Anthony Albanese was notably absent.

Archbishop of Sydney remarked in his homily that Pell’s slanders were unfounded and his imprisonment unjust, and likened him to Richard the Lionheart for his bravery. A letter from Pope Francis was also read, who highlighted Pell’s contribution to the economy of the Holy See and service to God.

The commission dedicated to look into the complaints of pedophilia showed that the late Cardinal was aware of the problem in the church. A figure who continues to divide Australia, Cardinal George Pell was buried with hundreds of worshippers in attendance.

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