Australia Rejects Cricket Matches with Afghanistan Over Women’s Rights

Cricket Australia has today announced that they will be canceling three international cricket matches which were due to take place in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in March due to the Taliban’s recent restrictions on the rights of women and girls. This includes banning them from education and employment opportunities, as well as preventing them from accessing parks and gyms.

The statement released by Cricket Australia stated that their decision was made after consultation with the Australian Government and other relevant organisations. They went on to stress their commitment to supporting the game globally, and opening doors to working with the responsible Afghan cricket administrators with the hope of better conditions for those affected.

The decision follows the Afghan Ministry of Education’s announcement of a university ban for women in December last year. This came after the fall of Kabul into the hands of the Taliban in 2021, resulting in multiple human rights abuses against women in Afghanistan, such as attending school, segregation in public and being barred from traveling without a veil.

Cricket Australia hope their decision today will help to reinforce their commitment to the rights of women, and pave the way for better conditions in the country going forward.

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