AuronPlay’s Advice on How Many Viewers Needed to Become a Professional Streamer

AuronPlay Reveals The Exact Number of Viewers Needed To Earn Thousands of Euros From Being a Streamer.

Spanish streamer AuronPlay has revealed the exact number of viewers needed in order to make a living from streaming, which is around 500 viewers, and to earn thousands of euros, which is between 8,000 and 10,000 viewers. This would require getting sponsorships to generate these payouts, as well as managing them properly.

Living from streaming has been a dream for many young people, just like it was to be a footballer, astronaut or actor when they were a child. However, AuronPlay insisted on how difficult it is to achieve this dream, due to the large amount of applicants and the competition between them.

Despite this, AuronPlay said that it is a nice challenge for those who work hard, remain disciplined and can overcome obstacles. He firmly believes that one should always aim high and have confidence in their abilities in order to achieve success.

He concluded that reaching thousands of viewers and living from streaming is an achievable goal, and all it takes is dedication and hard work to get there.

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