HomeNewsAuron Play Accuses Piqué of Having "A Twelve-Year-Old Brain"

Auron Play Accuses Piqué of Having A Twelve-Year-Old Brain

Auron Play Accuses Piqué of Having A Twelve-Year-Old Brain

AuronPlay Expresses his Opinion on Piqué’s Controversy in Shakira’s Song

A week ago, Shakira released her new song pointing directly to former FC Barcelona player and ex-partner of the singer, Gerard Piqué. The former Barça footballer responded to the subject jokingly and now well-known Spanish streamer AuronPlay has also expressed his opinion.

According to AuronPlay, Piqué’s reaction to the song was very predictable as he has a “twelve-year-old brain” and “is like a child in some things”. The lyrics of the song include references to an apparent downgrade in Piqué’s life between former and current partners. Consequently, he appeared with a Casio watch and a Twingo car.

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The streamer also pointed out his disagreement with Amouranth, whom El Rubius recently invited to participate in the Squib Craft Games 2. He considered her content as “disgusting” since saying which “streamer would be buzzed” is something “very depreciating”.

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