Attack on Titan Creator Developing Spin-Off Centered Around Levi Ackerman

Hajime Isayama Confirms Levi Ackerman Spin-Off Series

Popular anime series Shingeki no Kyojin, or Attack on Titan, has captivated millions of fans worldwide and unveiled one of the most beloved characters throughout its four seasons: Levi Ackerman. Now, series creator Hajime Isayama has announced a spin-off series based solely on the life of Levi.

In an interview with Crunchyroll, Isayama revealed his plan to write a spin-off manga featuring Levi. He explained, “As far as Levi is concerned, I admit that I have something in mind, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to write it. I’ve imagined what Levi’s story would be, but from there until I can make it come true. It’s something very different because writing a manga is a very complicated task for me.”

Although Isayama is almost done with his last addition to the Attack on Titan series, the fourth season’s third part, which is being released March 3, 2023. It is unclear when or if this spin-off will be released, as Isayama is taking a much-deserved break for now.

His words and the news of the fourth season’s third part has been met with an excited response from Attack on Titan fans, who look forward to a Levi Ackerman spin-off series.

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