Atlético de Madrid: Memphis Depay, the Express Pichichi


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Atlético Madrid has a formidable attacking duo in Morata and Griezmann, who have scored 19 and 18 goals respectively this season. However, there is another top scorer on the team who may not get as much attention but is just as effective. This player has an impressive goal-scoring record, averaging a goal every 90 minutes. Despite facing recurring injuries, this player has shown his quality and goal-scoring ability.

Memphis, the Dutch player, has proven himself as a reliable alternative for Atlético Madrid. Despite his injuries, he has maintained his goal-scoring prowess, averaging a goal every 78 minutes in his first nine games last season. This season, despite limited playing time due to injuries, he has already scored five goals in just 458 minutes spread over 15 games.

In his last three appearances, Memphis has scored three goals, making him the top scorer for Atlético Madrid in the Cup and the third best scorer overall for the team. Only four other players in the league have a better goal-scoring record than Memphis, making him a valuable asset for the team.

Despite his setbacks, Memphis has proven himself as a goal-scoring threat for Atlético Madrid. His recent performances have shown that he is a force to be reckoned with and a key player for the team. With his impressive goal-scoring record, he has solidified his position as a top scorer for the team and a valuable asset for the coach.

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