Astronomers Discover Supermassive Black Hole Attacking Same Star Twice

**Astronomers Find Black Hole ‘Eating’ The Same Star Twice**

American Astronomical Society presented a remarkable event during a conference held in Seattle on January 12 – a black hole 6,000 million times greater than that of the Sun ‘swallowing’ the same star for the second time. Though the phenomenon was known earlier, this is only the second time it has been observed.

Enthused by the finding, astronomer Eric Coughlin exclaimed, “Almost four years after it was originally detected, we went back and looked at this object again and found that it was once again bright. That’s very, very strange, and that’s not predicted at all by current theories.”

To make sure this was indeed the same star that is being eaten, the team of astronomers analyzed the data generated by the cosmic glow emanating from the black hole. The records were very similar, which led them to conclude that it is the same star being food for the black hole. This phenomenon is known as ‘disruptive tides’ or TDE, caused by gene absorption energy released by supermassive black holes.

The scientists predict that the next ‘bite’ of the black hole in this event will occur on March 25, 2025.

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