Aston Martin’s New Sponsorship Surprise


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Aston Martin has announced a new partnership with the Financial Times (FT), a leading economic media outlet in the UK. The team stated on its website that the agreement will benefit both brands as they share a common goal of continued innovation. This partnership will help Aston Martin expand globally and allow the Financial Times to attract more customers by taking advantage of Grand Prix events.

The collaboration between Aston Martin and the Financial Times will provide a unique opportunity for both brands to engage with the Formula 1 atmosphere and showcase how business operates within motorsport. The team at Aston Martin has stated that industry experts will lead thought leadership discussions on topics such as the role of emerging technologies in sport and the importance of female representation in motorsport.

Aston Martin has confirmed that the Financial Times logo will be featured on the new car set to be unveiled on February 12 at Silverstone. The team’s general commercial and marketing director, Jefferson Slack, expressed excitement about the partnership and emphasized the strategic collaboration to expand commercial reach. He also welcomed the Financial Times to the Aston Martin Aramco family.

The partnership between Aston Martin and the Financial Times is a significant step for both brands, and they are looking forward to working together on exclusive activities throughout the year. The Financial Times is recognized as a trusted source of commercial and financial information worldwide, and this collaboration is expected to be mutually beneficial for both parties.

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