Asa Butterfield Shows Off Impressive Makeover for ‘Sex Education’ Season 3

Asa Butterfield transforms himself for Sex Education Season 4

Popular Netflix show Sex Education is once again in production as the actors are actively preparing for the fourth season. Following its increasing popularity, fans continue to be entertained by the cast through social media platforms, with actor Asa Butterfield recently showing off his new look.

Asa Butterfield, who plays the lead character Otis Milburn in the show, has been seen flaunting his adult looks with dark glasses and a revamped attitude. The 25-year old actor has attended Prada shows, further transforming him from his previous image of an innocent teen.

Sex Education follows the activities and turbulence that Otis and friend Maeve (Emma Mackey) face in their teens. The series began with Otis’s parents breaking their marriage after the latter’s father’s infidelity with a patient. Consequently, Otis and Maeve begin their own business, offering advice to their peers on relationship and sexual issues. However, the duo also confront their own dilemmas such as emotional incompatibility, abortion and finally, distance when Season 3 ends.

While it is unsure if this is the last season of the beloved show, it seems that Asa’s transformation makes the fourth instalment all the more anticipated.

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