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Armengol closes the campaign appealing to a new pact of the left

The PSIB has closed the electoral campaign with an act in Nuredduna street in Palma in which it has asked for the vote because this Sunday “the Balearic Islands play forward or go back”. The candidate for the presidency of the Government, Francina Armengol, He has asked the progressives to vote “with their heads and hearts” to continue guaranteeing the future of the citizens of the Balearic Islands.

In the event, among other candidates, the heads of the list to the City Council of Palma and the Consell de Mallorca, José Hila and Catalina Cladera, respectively, before half a thousand militants and sympathizers.

«This Sunday we play a lot of things. The society of these islands is at risk of moving forward or going back. For progressives, voting has to be an obligation,” added the candidate to revalidate the presidency of the regional Executive.

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Armengol has indicated that the PSIB wants to continue guaranteeing rights and freedoms for citizens, such as the free stage 0-3 in the public schools of Palma and the Balearic Islands, which will only be possible with José Hila as mayor, according to what he has said.

The general secretary of the socialists has also stressed her desire to continue strengthening public health, making it possible to continue creating employment and for young people to have decent jobs.

“And I tell you that for the socialists the rights of workers and the rights of workers, the rights of housekeepers are not nonsense,” he stressed.

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For his part, Cladera has assured that during the electoral campaign he has toured all of Mallorca and has seen that there is “a socialist feeling of illusion to revalidate socialist governments and to get new executives of progress.”

Finally, the candidate for re-election as mayor of Palma, José Hila, has promised to continue transforming Palma towards a greener, more sustainable city and a city that is more caring.

«Palma will continue to advance and it will do so hand in hand with the Socialists. We all have to go out to vote for the PSIB this Sunday for the Palma City Council, the Mallorca Council and the Government », he concluded.

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In Ibiza, candidates for different institutions Joseph MaríPilar Costa, Rafa Ruiz, Ángel Luis Guerrero, Ramón Roca, Antonio Lorenzo and Javier Marí They have highlighted that “only by voting for the PSIB” can the pact between the PP and Vox be prevented “that Vicent Marí does not want to recognize.”

The candidate for Parliament for Ibiza, Pilar Costa, He has stressed that the PSIB represents “those who want to advance in rights, those who love the land, their culture and their own language.”

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