Apple Pencil to Get Camera and Additional Features, According to Patent

Apple is apparently looking to upgrade the design of its highly praised Apple Pencil, which has been on the market for over seven years. According to a recent patent, the stylus could soon incorporate a camera, in order to provide additional functions to creative iPad users.

The camera would be integrated in the eraser end of the pencil, giving users the ability to scan surfaces and objects. This could be a great way to accurately gather details such as color and texture, which can be extremely helpful when it comes to design projects.

The patent application also details an RGB light emitter, an inertial measurement unit, and other features which would improve the camera’s performance. It is unclear when this upgraded Apple Pencil will hit the market, as Apple is well known for being very tight-lipped about their upcoming projects.

Whether the patent is in fact implemented with the next Apple Pencil or not remains to be seen, however one thing is certain- the Apple Pencil has become a beloved accessory for iPad user and its innovation is highly anticipated.

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