Apple Invests €1 Billion in Electronic Chip Design in Germany

Apple invests one billion euros in the design of electronic chips in Germany

Apple to Invest Additional Billion Euros in its Chip Design Center in Munich

Apple plans to invest an additional one billion euros in expanding its chip design center in Munich. The Silicon Design Center serves as the headquarters for Apple’s European operations and was established two years ago.

This new investment will be spread over six years, in addition to the similar amount that was invested two years ago. Munich is a hub for technological innovation, with major manufacturers such as BMW and Siemens headquartered there. With 2,000 engineers currently working in the city, Apple hopes to grow its team and achieve greater autonomy by producing its own chips for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and other products.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the global supply chain and led to a shortage of semiconductors, which has had a significant impact on industries in both the United States and Europe. In response, Europe has launched the Chips Act, which seeks to help the region catch up with China and the United States in semiconductor production. The plan involves investing at least 11 billion euros by 2030 to finance large factories, or mega fabs, to produce semiconductors for various sectors such as the connected automobile, health, and defense.

Apple’s investment in Munich is a significant boost to Europe’s semiconductor industry as it looks to boost its competitiveness in this global race.

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