Antonio Tejado arrives at Court in police van for last-minute testimony


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The recent arrest of Antonio Tejado for allegedly being part of a criminal gang involved in house robberies has come as a shock. He is currently being held in the Montequinto police station in Seville along with 8 other members of the gang, some of whom are of Portuguese origin. Antonio, who is the nephew of singer María del Monte, has refused to testify before the police and will instead give his version before the judge.

María del Monte, who was devastated by the news, has asked for her nephew’s presumption of innocence to be respected. This comes after she discovered that he may be connected to a robbery that she and Inmaculada Casal experienced at their home last August. Antonio was seen for the first time after his arrest as he was taken to Investigative Court number 16 of Seville along with the other detainees.

Antonio arrived at the court in a police van, and despite his serious and concerned demeanor, he did not comment on the allegations against him. He will have the opportunity to give his version before the judge, after previously refusing to testify before the Civil Guard.

The arrest of Antonio Tejado has caused a stir, especially within the family of María del Monte. The situation has left many shocked and concerned about the allegations against him. As the case unfolds, more information will come to light, and Antonio will have the opportunity to defend himself in court. It remains to be seen how this situation will impact his relationship with his family and the public perception of him.

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