Annabelle’s Big Hunk Candy Bar Review


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Annabelle’s Big Hunk Candy Bar is a nostalgic treat that has delighted customers for generations. This review will provide an in-depth look at the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of this classic candy bar.


  • 24, 1.8 oz Big Hunk candy bars
  • Chewy, sweetened nougat with roasted peanuts
  • Individually wrapped bars, great for on-the-go or sharing
  • 230 calories per bar


Customers have raved about the delightful taste and texture of Annabelle’s Big Hunk Candy Bar. The chewy nougat, sweetened with honey and corn syrup, offers a unique and satisfying flavor. The addition of roasted peanuts provides a delightful crunch, creating a perfect balance of sweetness and nuttiness. Many customers appreciate the nostalgic appeal of this candy, evoking fond memories of childhood.


  • Delicious, all-natural ingredients
  • Low fat and satisfying
  • Individually wrapped for convenience
  • Nostalgic and beloved by many


Some customers have noted that the bars can become hard if exposed to cold temperatures. Additionally, a few customers received bars that were not perfectly flat, making them slightly challenging to eat.

Customer Reviews:

Customers have expressed overwhelming joy at rediscovering this childhood favorite. Many have praised the clean honey taste, the satisfying crunch of peanuts, and the overall deliciousness of the Big Hunk Candy Bar. Some have shared heartwarming stories of being reunited with this long-lost treat, expressing gratitude for its availability on platforms like Amazon.

Final Verdict:

Annabelle’s Big Hunk Candy Bar is a delightful, nostalgic treat that continues to captivate customers with its unique flavor and satisfying texture. Whether you’re indulging in a childhood favorite or discovering it for the first time, this candy bar is sure to bring joy and delight.

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