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Anna Ferro’s First Marriage Anniversary: A Controversial Celebration Without Fernando del Solar and Ingrid Coronado

Anna Ferro’s First Marriage Anniversary: A Controversial Celebration Without Fernando del Solar and Ingrid Coronado

Anna Ferro, the widow of the late presenter Fernando del Solar, recently commemorated her first wedding anniversary with him. However, what should have been a joyous day was overshadowed by a strong conflict with Ingrid Coronado, who accused Ferro of not wanting to vacate an apartment in Morelos, Mexico, which she claims belongs to her children. Despite these problems, Ferro still took the time to honor this emotional date with loving messages to her deceased husband.

Fernando del Solar and Anna Ferro’s wedding anniversary took place on March 22. Although he’s no longer with us, Ferro didn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the occasion, sharing photos and details of how they spent their special day. Despite her sorrow, Ferro raised a glass of wine, bought flowers, and made a roast strip as a tribute to her deceased husband. Additionally, she shared a photo of a bouquet she decorated for their house alongside a portrait of the couple.

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In addition to commemorating her first wedding anniversary without Fernando del Solar, Anna Ferro shared how she has been coping with the grief of his loss. Despite having “days of collapse” and intense emotional pain earlier on, she is slowly healing. She recommended finding structure or routine in the grieving process since, without it, collapsing becomes more likely. Giving oneself permission to experience all emotions is also crucial, as is seeking external help for comfort.

Fernando del Solar and Anna Ferro got married on March 22, 2021, at a private ceremony, but it’s unknown if their children or loved ones attended. They tied the knot after being in a relationship for three years and engaged for one year. Prior to his marriage to Ferro, Fernando del Solar was married to Ingrid Coronado for three years until their divorce in 2015. His death was a shock to many, and some fans couldn’t help but remember their divisive and controversial separation.

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On July 1, 2022, Fernando del Solar’s funerals were held behind closed doors in Mexico City. Ingrid Coronado, Fernando’s ex-wife, and their children, Luciano and Paolo, were in attendance. The teenagers learned about their father’s death from Coronado, who picked them up from school to deliver the devastating news. The relationship between Coronado and Fernando del Solar had been fraught with tension during her cancer battle, which led to their separation.

In conclusion, one-year wedding anniversaries are meant to be celebrated with joy and happiness, surrounded by loved ones. Anna Ferro may have spent her anniversary without her husband, but she still found ways to honor this special day. Through her testimony of grief and healing, Anna Ferro reminds us that grief is a process and that structure helps to overcome it. Rest in peace, Fernando del Solar.

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