Anja, 15, Embracing Mom Alessandra Ambrosio’s Y2K Style


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Alessandra Ambrosio’s 15-year-old daughter, Anja, is embracing her mom’s iconic 2000s style. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel says that she lived through that style and loves it. She says that it was all about low pants and skirts and showing a lot of your belly, and she sees her daughter doing that now.

Ambrosio, who shares Anja and 11-year-old son Noah Phoenix with her ex-partner Jamie Mazur, explained that she rarely goes for the midriff-bearing look these days but thinks that Anja rocks the throwback fashion. She says that she doesn’t show her belly that much, but she can see her daughter doing it and thinks it’s super cute.

Anja has appeared in several photoshoots beside her mom, but for now, she has no aspirations for a career in modeling. Ambrosio says that Anja is still very focused on school and isn’t thinking about a career in modeling at the moment. However, Ambrosio noted that she would “of course” support Anja if she chose to pursue modeling. She says that she would tell her to believe in herself, always.

Anja often posts photos with her mom on social media and she even posed in Ambrosio’s Jordache campaign when she was just nine years old. But now that Ambrosio’s kids are growing up, the Brazilian bombshell is learning to navigate raising a teenager. She says that when they become teenagers, it’s a whole new world. She says that her daughter wants to be her own boss, be heard, have her own opinions, and have her taste, so she has to respect all that and it’s nice.

As for how she deals with protecting her kids from negativity on social media, Ambrosio says it’s all about just being there for them. She says that she wants to be always there for them and wants to support them. She wants to teach them the values that she believes, but she’s been doing that since they were born.

Ambrosio said that she would fully support her daughter if she pursued modeling. She wants to be her own boss, be heard, have her own opinions, and have her taste, so she has to respect all that and it’s nice.

Ambrosio is in town to launch her second collaboration with PatBO, which she celebrated at a glitzy soirée at the brand’s Miami store opening on Wednesday night. She says that she has known Patricia Bonaldi for a long time and has been a big fan of her brand. So they decided to do the first collaboration last year and it was a super success. They decided to do the second one a little bit different because the first one was Brazil and this one they wanted something more Miami.

The supermodel shares Anja and son Noah with her ex Jamie Manzur. Ambrosio says the collection has very “vibrant” colors that reflect the essence of the coastal Floridian city. She says that there are cargos, blue sequins, and beautiful big flowers, so there’s a lot of color and energy. The annual Ocean Drive party featured performances by Chromeo and artwork by Romero Britto.

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