Animal Crossing Clone ‘Longvinter’ Adds Weapons Feature

Animal Crossing game clone with a twist!
Longvinter, the latest game from the developer has recently been on the market and people are already drawn towards it. It is like Animal Crossing but with a few unexpected twists. The game allows players to carry an assault rifle, plant automatic turrets and even punch sandwiches!

Apart from the unusual add-on, Longvinter has almost the same mechanics as Animal Crossing. Players can hunt bugs, fish and look for fossils in order to relax, instead of doing a chakra cleanse. Though the game is still in its early access stage, its developers have been trying to make it grow.

The game can be played solo or in servers hosted by third parties, which in turn opens up ways for PvP and looting. One has to look out for lag and bugs in the game, but playing with friends can be downright fun.

Longvinter costs 11.99 euros, with a 20% discount on Steam. It is a great alternative for Animal Crossing fans and is worth checking out.

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