Angelina Jolie: My Six Kids Are ‘My Close Friends’


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Angelina Jolie recently opened up about her relationship with her six children, saying that they are not just her kids, but also her close friends. The actress and humanitarian has been in the public eye for many years, but she has always been private about her personal life, especially when it comes to her children. However, in a recent interview, she shared some insights into her family dynamic.

Jolie has three biological children and three adopted children with her ex-husband Brad Pitt. She has always been a hands-on mother, and she has often spoken about the importance of raising her children to be kind, compassionate, and independent individuals. In the interview, she revealed that her children have become her closest friends and that they have a strong bond that goes beyond the typical parent-child relationship.

The actress explained that she has always been open and honest with her children, and she has encouraged them to express themselves and be true to who they are. She also mentioned that she has learned a lot from her kids and that they have taught her to be a better person. Jolie emphasized the importance of communication and understanding in her family, and she expressed her gratitude for having such a close-knit and supportive relationship with her children.

Jolie’s comments shed light on the fact that the parent-child relationship can evolve into a friendship as children grow older. It is not uncommon for parents to develop close friendships with their adult children, and Jolie’s experience serves as a reminder that family dynamics can be unique and meaningful in different ways.

Overall, Jolie’s interview offers a glimpse into her personal life and her role as a mother. It is clear that her children are a top priority for her, and she values the bond she shares with them. As her children continue to grow and mature, it is likely that their friendship with their mother will only deepen, creating a strong and enduring connection that will last a lifetime.

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