Angelina Jolie: Kids with Brad Pitt are my ‘closest’ friends, admits to lacking social life


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Angelina Jolie recently admitted in an interview that she doesn’t have many friends, but she can always count on her six children for support. She shared that her children are the closest people in her life and are her close friends. She also mentioned that they are all very different people, which she sees as a strength. Jolie and her children are moving forward from her divorce from Brad Pitt and are in the process of healing.

In addition to her children, Jolie is also leaning on a small group of female friends for support. She revealed that she doesn’t have much of a social life and is not currently dating. She described her closest friends as refugees, with four out of six of the women she is close to being from war and conflict.

Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt in 2016, and the split was contentious. Pitt was accused of abusing Jolie and two of their children aboard a private jet. The allegations were investigated by the FBI, but no criminal charges were pursued. Pitt has not been publicly photographed with his children in seven years, and there have been hints that his relationship with his children is strained.

Jolie also mentioned that her divorce has made it difficult for her to leave Los Angeles, where she was born and raised. She expressed her hope to spend more time at her home in Cambodia, as she feels that Hollywood is not a healthy place and she seeks authenticity.

In the interview, Jolie opened up about her personal life and the challenges she has faced. She shared that her children and a small group of female friends are her main sources of support as she navigates life after her divorce. Jolie’s hope for the future is to spend more time in Cambodia and to seek authenticity in her life.

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